360 Previsualizations: the storyboard revolution.

Because we can work straight from the screenplay, we provide directors and creators the possibility to watch their scenes and freely play with the camera inside a simulated animation. Directors can take their time to decide acuratedly on shots and develop a realistic storyboard. Furthermore, this process culminates with an animatic prototype of their movie or video project that will help not only the producers to test the movie concept but also all the performers and the crew will be able to work with the clearest possible idea of what the director wants.

Contact us for requesting acess to this fully 360 animated demo scene where you can move the camera at will.

360 degree demo scene: I’m not the Ring Master

In this example scene you can check the concept of a 360 previsualization. A five minutes animatic scene in which more than ten characters have been animated using motion and face capture. The camera can be moved around the scene freely, so the director can decide how to do each shot watching the animatic in realtime. There’s also possible to set up as many cameras from as many angles as the client wishes.

We provide this scene as a exe file, please contact us for having access.

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