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The perfect preview for a video project

We provide competitive storyboard-animatic and previsualization services created with 3D software for films, advertisements or high-end video products.

 Thanks to our audio-visual prototypes, our customers can watch a reconstruction of their project, test their concept and create a budget with high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, the production is boosted significantly as team members can see and truly understand the shots in advance, allowing for a smooth filming process and reduction in costs.

 Taking advantage of the latest advances in CG animation we can moderate costs and achieve a high quality video product in a short period of time. We can even work straight from a screenplay allowing directors to decide their shots and storyboard based on our 360 degree animation. 

 We create a virtual environment where cameras, actors, lights and props can be put in place, simulating the real shot conditions. The animations can have different degrees of realism and even VFX can be included, so the benefits for all aspects of preproduction and production of any video are countless. 

3 d - S T O R Y B O A R D S

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360 Previsualization: See your scene, decide on shots

Our workflow allows directors to see the story from any angle they wish, so they can decide how the frame, camera movements and the final storyboard will be. We can provide Virtual Reality options for directors who want to truly immerse themselves in the animatic and even handle a virtual camera from inside. 

WHY a 3D Storyboard animatic?

Our video-storyboard services have many valuable advantages over a traditional storyboard:


Product testing

The concept of an idea can be tested and polished before the production starts.

Pre Production

Full comprehension of the shots and scenes in advance.

Production: saving time and money

Smooth and efficiently synchronized filming process.

Stylized or realistic looks

 The visual aspect of our storyboard or animatic can imitate a classic artistic style, cartoon style, keep a 3D look, or mix them.

Multiple avatar options





The measurements of the actors and even their features can be reflected in their avatars. 




The lights’ position and intensity can be simulated to resemble real setups. Camera parameters like lens angle, focus, and crop size can also be included.

The dimensions of the studio or shoot location can be represented accurately in the 3D environment, for a better understanding of the space and its limitations.

Competitive rates

 We offer affordable prices and guaranteed job completion with full satisfaction.

Flexible workflow

 Our projects are designed to constantly allow modifications in the characters, environments or animations. 

Starting from the script

From simple pose-based animations to motion suit capture and facial animations, we offer different degrees of realism according to the customer’s needs and budget.

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